jewelry care


It is important to us in our design process that we create jewelry you can live in. That said, some materials and designs are more resilient than others. If you have any questions about your particular piece, please contact daniel juzwiak designs directly for a recommendation. Please find general suggestions below.

STERLING SILVER. Sterling silver looks best when worn regularly. Much of our sterling silver is hand-oxidized to create that darkened rustic look. No chemical cleaners are necessary; if needed, sterling can be rubbed with a soft, clean cotton cloth.

STAINLESS STEEL. Our stainless steel chains are each handmade link by link with stainless steel. They are strong, won't react to chemical exposure (like chlorine), and will maintain their finish for years to come. No cleaning is necessary; however, if build-up occurs, simply run a soft, clean toothbrush along the chain and rinse with water.

GEMSTONES. Natural gemstones can be fragile, and should be stored someplace safe from impact. Store your necklace unclasped and at its longest to avoid kinking the woven stainless steel strand.

WEARING JEWELRY. In general, keeping jewelry away from abrasive and harmful surfaces will extend its life for longer than expected. Any gemstone, even diamond, can chip if hit at just the right angle. While our stainless steel rings are sturdier than many other metals and settings, with enough impact, there can be movement. If your ring has undergone any kind of impact please inspect your gemstone and setting and contact us if you find any movement, or looseness.


STAINLESS STEEL. Stainless steel rings are 316 surgical grade stainless steel. This steel is strong, resistant to chemicals, and holds up well against scratching.

GEMSTONES. Gemstone care is case by case. Please discuss care of your gemstone with daniel juzwiak designs.

SIZING AND REFINISHING. Sizing for the first year after purchase is complimentary. After the first year a nominal bench fee will apply. Refinishing of your ring (cleaning up minor scratches, etc.) is complimentary for the life of the ring. Simply contact us to schedule a refinishing.